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C is for Suspension

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Erin continues to intrigue!  Tonight we got a sense of just how damaged this rube might be.  I think her panicked hair tossing – In the foster home hair was my room – was supposed to be played for laughs, but it was also quite disturbing.  Overly-cheery, simple Erin has a dark and complex past that, it seems, has resulted in some less than normal psychological behaviour.  Which actually could be quite interesting if the show decides to do something real with it rather than continually playing it for laughs.  And I think they did try to take it seriously by having Pam reach out to Erin in an effort to help her negotiate a difficult situation. That was a sweet moment.  Because despite the over-reaction, Erin’s trajectory of emotion is pretty dead on.  Who wouldn’t be pissed to find out that their boyfriend was once engaged to their co-worker?  But of course, what prior fiancé of Angela would want his current girlfriend to know?!  It’s a tough call and I hope those two crazy kids get through it.

It was fun to have a plotline that revolved around one of the more ensemble case characters.  While Oscar’s mocking of Kevin did get a little out of hand, it was the entire team’s tear down of Gabe that really took the prize.  We move from jerky boss to jerky boss in this show – and it’s good to see some of the heat taken off of Michael, because his character is so much more fun to watch when he doesn’t have to create all the office tension.  Jan, Ryan, Charles, Jim, Dwight whenever he’s got a modicum of power…these have all filled the position temporarily.  And now with Gabe we’ve got a young up-starter who over-estimates his power as he attempts to lay the hammer.  The group knows this move well and, with humourous finesse, knows how to handle it.  Perhaps that’s part of the genius of the show: office drone-workers really do stock up more capital or power from the underside as they trudge through their days than it might appear at first glance, and they know how to deploy that capital against their superiors in unexpected ways.  And The Office does, on occasion, capture that perfectly!

This week in Ryan’s funny fashions: an open bow tie.  I love it!  And as far as great lines go, I thought Erin’s desire to be a teenager in the 1490s because of America’s discovery was the smartest, but Daryl’s, “that’s some stone cold narcissism right there” was the one that had me laughing out loudest.  Oh, and of course Kevin’s “C is for Suspension” slam had me in stitches too, which I why he got to title this week’s post.

What were your favourite moments Moth Chase friends?  Did you enjoy this episode?  Were you surprised by Erin’s breakdown?  Are you, with me and everyone else, just wishing for more and more Ed Helms screen time?


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April 23, 2010 at 8:51 am

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  1. Very uncomfortable, and not in a funny way.

    Jean Bean

    April 28, 2010 at 10:48 am

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