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You Can’t Handle the Truth

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While I love this show, this episode didn’t feel so great to me.  It had all the things that make it fun – broody brothers, vampire/human show-downs, mysterious twists and a rigged bachelor raffle.  And yet it didn’t quite capture the greatness of some episodes past (and I’m not just saying that because they sent my beloved Bonnie away).  Nevertheless, we had some interesting reveals – all of which produced more questions than they did answers.

The main thread involved Elena’s attempt to track down her birth mother, Isobel.  It was a little tricky to keep track of who knew what at which moment, but in the end we got everyone caught up to speed.  Elena, Damon, Stefan and Alaric all realized that Elena’s birth mother was the same person as Alaric’s wife: Isobel.  And at last count, we at least have Damon and Alaric in the know that Damon turned Isobel – dear readers, I don’t want to gloat, but just remind you that this is what I predicted the first time we saw Isobel!

The problem is, Isobel clearly doesn’t want to be found – so much so that she has a complex system of friends and compulsed servants stopping Elena from finding her.  But what I’m left wondering is how this timeline works and what it means about Elena’s own supernatural status.  Trudy clearly worried that Elena was a vampire (wouldn’t invite her in…fed her vervain).  But Elena would have been conceived before Isobel was turned.  Which leads me to think that Isobel got pregnant by a vampire which, in turn, makes me concerned that Damon might be – somehow, and I realize this is far-fetched – Elena’s father.  Now, I don’t think this can be the case, because that would make Stefan Elena’s uncle (gross!)…but perhaps something like this is going on.  We still have the possibility that Elena and Isobel both are related to Katherine – but I can’t yet figure out where that plot is going.

Poor aunt Jenna – she sure can pick ‘em, eh? Aren’t there any bachelors in Mystic Falls she could date who aren’t somehow connected to this whole vampire situation?  I didn’t for a second believe Alaric was dead…but I didn’t think that it would be something like that ring that saved him.  I really hope they give us some more explanation on that one because I was left as confused by it as Alaric himself and Stefan both were.  We need that story filled out a bit more, and soon, if they want us to go along with it.  Because something in me keeps wondering about Alaric’s mad skills (which were oddly not on display tonight)…wondering if there is something supernatural to him that even he might not be aware of.  What I thought I did notice was some flicker on Damon’s face as he sat down to supposedly watch Alaric die.  Something in his expression made me think he didn’t really believe Alaric was dead either.   I can never tell how much Damon knows…but I think at the end of this episode, he knew more than he was letting on.

And then we had the plot line with Harper hanging ominously in the background.  For a starved vampire, he was quite calm approaching that man in the woods and then walking around town afterwards.  And so he strikes me as a somewhat more powerful or self controlled or something else vampire than others.  It wasn’t much of a surprise that he ended up back at Pearl and Annabelle’s house.  But I am left wondering if he’s something more than vampire…vampire-witch or some other supernatural being combined with a vamp that we haven’t yet imagined.

A few other points.  Matt and Caroline: I just need to say how much I love those crazy kids and, jerky mum or no jerky mum, I sure hope they  make it.  Bonnie: they better bring her back soon!!  Isobel: why did Alaric have that heavy-handed line, “You don’t want kids. You’re never home”?  Why didn’t she want kids? Was there more to that than the idea that she was about to get turned?  Damon: he really did seem to care that he had hurt Elena with his past actions.  I can’t help but love the bad-boy Salvatore brother!  Exploiting sorority sisters, drinking bourbon, darkly brooding while having his brother’s girlfriend button his shirts…he just cracks me up.  Plus he’s not too hard on the eyes!

Oh, and is anyone else out there starting to consider using Bing – now I know I can say, “I binged it,” I might just give it a try.  Oof, I love such heavy-handed advertising.  Hilarious!

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Written by themothchase

March 26, 2010 at 8:06 am

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