Carried Supplies When Umrah

Umrah this time is the best choice, considering the wait time for Hajj regular queue has reached 9-10 years. As for Haji plus the waiting period has reached 5 years. The queues were long enough to make most people decide to perform Umrah beforehand. Moreover, from year to year for Umrah always cost more. There […]

Activities in Makkah Al – Mukarramah.

1. As in Makkah, When entering the Haram in Makkah Al-Mukaramah read prayers After placing goods – shortened / hotel and cleanse the body and prepare, to the Haram. Sign Haram, disunnahkan through Babus Salam, to pray, program umroh desember Cried when I saw the Kaaba. 2. Tawaf Umrah, Started Thawaf in brown line, waving toward the Black […]

GUIDELINES Hajj and Umrah

1. DIFFERENCES Hajj and Umrah Differences Hajj and Umrah from Segi Time and Implementation Hajj and Umrah is a pilgrimage which, according to Indonesia eyes of the public, either; “Go to Mecca.” However, in truth both have important differences. Hajj, pilgrims often referred to as the only legitimate when those done during the Hajj / […]

Guest Room Design Tiny

Set the interior of the tiny living room is often a difficult thing for homeowners. Though the actual arrangement of tiny living room or small living room is easy. Spacious room with limited or relatively small, this room should be more easily managed. There are some tips that can be considered for those who want […]

Eco Green Park Malang, travel While Learning

When the holiday season arrives, we usually flocked to tourist sites visited along with the son of his beloved daughter. Gili cat fast boat booking be it to the beach, peaks and to other tourist attractions. But what if we vacation with his family to a place other than it is for tourism purposes but […]

Secret Beauty Benefits of Turmeric With Acid

The herb has been used by our ancestors since time immemorial in treating various diseases and to maintain the beauty. The herb can be made ​​separately with only involves a single material or can be made ​​by mixing other materials that can optimize the benefits of the herb. One of them is a combination of […]

Toddler Birthday Party Theme

Birthday parties held for a toddler in the family are fun, and exciting events looked forward to by the parents and the toddler himself. These events are when your toddler begins to realize the importance of birthdays and having a party to celebrate it. To throw a truly memorable and enjoyable birthday party for your […]

Small bathroom design

Small bathroom design can be as functional and stylish as you desire, we at bathroom design site want to give you the advice and information to fulfill your needs. Your bathroom area may be small because you have a small apartment, or you may need to build an additional bathroom for your expanding family. Perhaps […]